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“Best course I’ve been to! I have already used the majority of the techniques on my patients the last 2 days!”   –Brandie Salverson Rainboth

“Thank you to all of the EIM instructors who were so incredibly helpful at Manipalooza-it was worth every minute, I am using the skills I gained with my patients today, on my first day back. Manipalooza changed my life, my practice and ultimately will improve my patient outcomes. EIM, Thank you, thank you, thank you!”   –Tonya Olson

“EIM you guys Rock! Manipalooza was awesome!!!!!!! Thanks for a great course. You guys know how to do it right. I can’t wait to get back and put this stuff into practice.”   –Greg Alnwick

“A big shout out here from Eugene! I wanted to thank you, again for your patient help and instruction at Manipalooza. I have been using at least two manips per patient since coming back and my shoulder/neck patients are rather happy with the seated t-spine and c/t junction manips you so masterfully taught. Thank you again for being so helpful and accessible-I feel like the course was worth every minute and that I can be that much more effective in treating my patients, as a result of all y’all’s hard work.”

“Great group of instructors, staff, facility, and participants! The opportunity provided by this course was unreal. Thanks guys and gals!”   –Andrew Grant

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the talk that you gave and for your participation in what was an incredible course. The points that you made regarding the de-motivating effect of external rewards hit home with me as I made a job change last fall as a direct result of the bonus program and number crunching at the clinic where I worked. I found it insulting that management thought the best way to motivate their staff was through self-gain. I have been on 4 international medical mission trips and have been very frustrated that I’m not able to take time off of work to go to Haiti and help where people are in such need. It is heartening to know that others in my profession are stepping up and rendering aid. To be honest, I’ve been caught up in the day to day worries of life and finances and have not kept up with AAOMPT happenings and my vision of taking this profession by the horns and making the most of it as quickly as possible. Manipalooza re-energized my passion for the profession and I look forward to further involvement with EIM and AAOMPT down the road.”

“With all the different philosophies and theories behind manipulation (many of which seem to contradict each other), I had found the subject a little overwhelming and confusing. For this reason, I never felt comfortable or confident enough to use these types of techniques in the clinic for fear that I might do the wrong technique, or do the patient harm. I came to Manipalooza hoping that the course would simplify things for me, and separate what the evidence shows, from what is just theory and speculation. This course far exceeded my expectations! From the simple, evidence based instruction, to the one on one attention during the labs, I now feel confident in my ability to use very effective techniques I have learned in this course to better my patient care.”   –Josh Buck, PT

“The faculty members gave very good feedback during labs. They were all amazing, I learned so much.”

“The faculty was great and they were accessible and helpful with demonstrating techniques and answering questions.”

“What can I say? As always everyone was fantastic. So helpful! All I can say is thank you for another great course.”

“So many incredible teachers in one location was truly unique. Keep doing it!”

“The faculty was very knowledgeable and very helpful during lab time. I come to Manipalooza to learn new things and brush up on those I already know. I always come away from this conference improved and it changes my practice every time I attend. I really appreciate how the faculty comes around to our table to help us get techniques we are struggling with. I look forward to attending many more Manipaloozas.”

“It is so great to get to learn from such great teachers! And learning from several different people is great because everyone has something a little different to show us. Thanks.”

“Loved the hands on techniques those are applicable in the clinic tomorrow. Also, the passion of all faculty about PT and learning.”

“The opportunity to work with excellent clinicians and leading experts in the field was amazing.”

“Great conference! The instructors were all very entertaining and very knowledgeable. Overall, I really enjoyed the conference and felt it has helped me a lot with becoming a more successful PT.”

“The faculty’s clinical knowledge plus their ability to teach didactic and physical material was as good as it gets.”

“The collective knowledge and skillset of the faculty members were amazing and the way they were able to give feedback for each one of us to understand was great.”

“Manipalooza was truly a fun learning experience. There was significant lab time to allow practice of the techniques. The faculty is truly world class and clearly enjoys teaching and is able to teach in an effective manner.”